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Our Services

Coaching & Training

We provide effective and engaging coaching and training for leaders and teams. Wether you need one on one training in vision casting or team training to create the right team culture, we love to help leaders and provide a wide range of coaching to help you succeed in your field. 

Leader Care

Leader Care ranges from seasoned encouragement at the right time, to biblically informed counseling. We work with a network of coaches, counselors, and seasoned leaders who can be an anchor in any storm.

Crisis Assistance

During times of crisis we need leaders who can clear the fog out of the room, make good assessments, and provide clear and trustworthy paths ahead. That is what we endeavor to do. From an initial assessment, to communications, we are here to assist you and your team!


We can work with you to provide speaking, preaching, teaching on most topics. We do Men's Retreats, Workshops, Conferences, Seminar's, Podcasts,.

We specialize in Leadership topics, organizational competencies, and soul care. 


Do you have a church planter that needs a pre-assessment to get another set of eyes on their readiness? Do you need help determining why you organization is stuck? Our assessment process is a proven and powerful tool to chart the course ahead. 


What do you need? We have helped churches determine building purchases and leadership transitions. We've helped church planters, ministers, and entrepreneurs with start-up, and launching their new work. 

We've consulted with productions companies, civic organizations, and NGOs. So waht do you need? 


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