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We help leaders in the crucial moments of growth, crisis, and, development.

Meet Orion

Pastor   Writer   Coach  Entrepreneur

A troubled teen falling prey to addiction and depression, Orion found a dark path that surprisingly ended in a miraculous transformation as a young man. Through faith in Christ, Orion left his past behind, excelled as an entrepreneur, started a family, and developed leadership chops building businesses, becoming a minister, church planter, strategist, and civic leader.

Orion has two amazing talents that are vital to this organization. The first is that he literally lives to see people become whom they are meant to be. Secondly, he knows how to make things happen, moving visions and dreams from the theoretical to the actual.  If you are in a crisis, or simply at a crossroads in your organization and need trusted, seasoned wisdom. if you feel stuck and need to develop a new strategy that truly works. If you are looking at your leadership and wondering how to take an exponential next step, not only would he love to help you- he may be the assist you need!


What We Specialize In

Coaching & Training





Leader Care



To Assist; from Latin assistere "to take a stand near, make firm, attend, help, put in place, assist"

"Every crisis needs a expert that doesn't get rattled. Orion has the experience, discernment, wisdom, and tact to help any situation you are in."

- Brian Rose

"If you need a leader assist, there is no better place to find that than right here. I would not be the leader I am if it weren't for his assessment and coaching"

- Mark Ritchie

Deeply committed, passionately engaged, unbelievably wise... I could go on and on. Orion has the background, and ability to take your leadership to the next level-trust me when I say trust him"

- David Wright

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