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Our mission is simple, to assist leaders and organizations find their greatest potential.

How We Assist Leaders

Coaching & Training




Leader Care



To Assist; from Latin assistere "to take a stand near, make firm, attend, help, put in place, assist"

"Every crisis needs a expert that doesn't get rattled. Orion has the experience, discernment, wisdom, and tact to help any situation you are in."

- Brian Rose

"If you need a leader assist, there is no better place to find that than right here. I would not be the leader I am if it weren't for his assessment and coaching"

- Mark Ritchie

Deeply committed, passionately engaged, unbelievably wise... I could go on and on. Orion has the background, and ability to take your leadership to the next level-trust me when I say trust him"

- David Wright

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Every assist begins with a conversation. 

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